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Independent Support Brokerage

What A Support Broker Does

A Support Broker works with you, your family, carers, friends and loved ones to understand the important aspects of your life regarding your care and support needs

We know arranging high quality, good value for money care and support is critical - but it is not the only thing in your life, so that’s just our starting point.

Our Independent Support Brokerage service can provide information, advice and short term support to help people find, choose and arrange help and care at home. We can also suggest activities that people may like to help them live safely and independently. We also do much more, by helping you plan your best day, tailor support and services to achieve it and get the people who matter involved.

What A Support Planner Does

Our experienced Support Planners have a range of skills and expertise, and offer assistance to people in a very person-centred way; recognising that not everyone will fit into traditional services and will have very different wishes and aspirations with how they would like to live their life. Support Planners are trained by us and work closely with our clients to identify their needs and draw up a support plan for them. Once the planning stage has been completed by a Support Broker, our Support Planners are ready to provide informal, practical and emotional backup to help make plans a reality. Whether you receive state funding, are spending your own money or fund care in combination, we know your situation is unique and you cannot simply pick the right care services from a list.

All our support planners have up to date enhanced criminal record checks. This provides a level of assurance around the quality of the support brokerage and care planning service.

What a Support Assistant Does

Support Assistants connect people who want care and support - to other people who can provide it – so it’s a personalised one-to-one relationship, as an alternative to more traditional, inflexible and expensive agency care.

Our Customers

We provide support to people who contact us directly or are referred to us by their family, carers, friends and loved ones, Local Authorities, Health Services, care service providers, charities, employers, financial and legal services, support organisations and others. Our services are aimed at people who have either been assessed by the Local Authority and are eligible to receive services at home, or for continuing healthcare.

We recruit and train people to become Support Brokers who have lived with their own experience of the complicated issues you are facing, and are from the local community. They really do understand what you are going through and have completed our accredited training, making them the experts you need.


We strive to provide a high quality service at affordable fees. We will discuss our fees with you at an initial assessment stage before the start of service provision

Work With Us

Many of the people we have supported, as well as their wider network, have expressed an interest in getting involved. We are always on the lookout for the right people to recruit and train. If you think you have the right sort of life experience, empathy and drive.

Direct Payment Services

Direct Payments are a Government initiative designed to give people a Government initiative designed to give people the freedom to purchase their own care and support, so since 2002 all Social Services Departments offer the option of a Direct Payment to people who receive a social care and support service.

Following an assessment by their local Social Services the person receiving the direct payments can use the money for different types of services. These include:

  • Personal care and support
  • Day care (including domestic help)
  • ‘Mixed’ packages of support
  • Short-term residential care
  • Items of equipment

Direct Payments can also be used for employing a ‘personal assistant’ or arranging care
from a private agency.

Your local Social Services team will be able to advise you further.

There are many benefits to Direct Payments – they allow a greater level of flexibility and freedom for the person who needs the care and support. By employing a care and support worker directly, there is greater choice as to whom the person has looking after them; what times they come and what tasks they perform.

People who are eligible to receive a Direct Payment, instead of their ‘usual’ support include:

  • Older People who need social care services
  • People with physical disability who are over 16
  • People with a learning disability who are over 16
  • Disabled Parents would receive payments for the needs of their children (non- educational)
  • Carers over 16

How can we help?

Direct Payments allow such a variety of choice that in some cases the chosen personal assistant may even be someone that the person already knows, or a relative who does not live with them.

Greater choice, however, may come with greater employment responsibility. Social Services departments provide care managers or advocates to help someone recruit a personal assistant.

KT’s Care Angels can assist people who receive a Direct Payment, either by using it to purchase your care and support directly from KT’s Care Angels or by employing a personal assistant on your behalf.  If you choose the latter, we could manage the Direct Payments on your behalf.

Direct Payments are a Government initiative allowing individuals to purchase their own care and support. If you have been assessed and qualify for support, you have some options:

Choosing Local Authority support

This option means that your Local Authority will organize and manage your care. To ensure your needs are met, a Local Authority will either have in house teams, or may work with a local, trusted, and registered independent care provider like KT’s Care Angels.
Choosing to employ your own care worker
This gives you control over the care and support you receive as well as choosing the individual who will deliver that care, often referred to as personal assistants. If you are considering this option, it is important to bear in mind that, as an employer:

  • you may be responsible for deducting income tax from your personal assistant’s wages and liaising with HM Revenue & Customs
  • you ensure that your pay rates meet statutory minimum wage regulations
  • you consider the legal requirements, such as rest breaks, working hours, holidays, and sick pay
  • you have Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance
  • you are confident that they have the experience, training, and qualifications to do the job you need them to do.

Hiring a personal assistant

You may decide to hire a self-employed personal assistant. If this is the case, you would need to ensure that they have taken responsibility for the above. The provision of care by a personal assistant is not governed by your regulatory body, who regulate and monitor standards of care provided, so you may wish to take security measures by checking the background of the individual you are employing.

If you choose to employ your own care worker, KT’s Care Angels can provide support during your care worker’s holiday or other circumstances where care cannot be delivered.

Choosing an independent care provider

An independent provider, such as KT’s Care Angels, will work with you to create a personal support plan, based on your specific needs and choices, and match them with appropriately qualified staff. This option comes with the assurance that those supporting you have received the training and qualifications to carry out their roles effectively and safely. The standard of care provided by an independent care provider is regulated and monitored by the regulatory body for your country. It is often preferable to choose an established and experienced local provider, which can give you peace of mind and reassurance.

How we can help

At KT’s, we remove the worry and uncertainty that surrounds choosing your care and support. All our services are delivered by fully trained and qualified staff. We take care of all the employment, insurance, and legal requirements on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on the things you want to do and the choices you want to make.

Call KTs Care Angels today to find out how we can help you or someone you know to get the best out of life.

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